Websites for church plants

Websites For Church Plants (5 Essential Features)

If you are planting a church then getting a website up and running quickly and simply is essential. You want to reach out locally, have somewhere to point people to for basic information and you want to highlight how they can connect further.

A website is a great sign that you are serious about investing in an area. It gives you authority and will help you connect with your community.

However, church planters face some unique constraints. Normally there is not much budget, and very limited time. You don’t need an all singing, all dancing, clever website however.

Just something clean, simple that covers your basic information.

How Can Church Site Builder Help Your Church Plant?

For most church plants we recommend picking one of our great single page designs. We believe these designs have all the features that small churches and church plants need.

Since they only cover your basic information they can also be really fast to get going with. Here are 5 of our features that will get you up and running fast.

1. Fast Turn Around

If you need a website fast we can help you. Pick a design and we’ll send you a link where you can edit your basic information. We’ll send you a preview of your site where you can make changes and update images. Once you’re ready we’ll launch your site for you. If you need help getting a domain name we’ll help there too.

Nothing technical to worry about.

2. Display Basic Information

There is some basic information everyone will look for about your church plant. They need to know who you are and where you meet. You can simply add in your gathering time and location alongside a quick snap of what your group looks like.

There is also space to share a couple of sentences about your vision. What makes you tick and why should people consider getting involved?

You may not have a fully formed multimedia presentation but with a few key words you can communicate your heart.

3. Social Media Connections

In the early days of your church plant, your presence on social media will be a natural place to build connections. Building relationships in local community groups and signalling that you have things to offer local people.

A great website needs to make it simple for people to see what social channels you are on and provide direct links to get there.

All our designs put your social channels front and centre.

4. Contact Form

One of the primary goals of your website is to facilitate connections with real people. By putting a contact form on your single page design you make it simple for people to email you.

All of our single page designs put the Contact form as the primary action for users. This contact form can be set to send an email to an address of your choosing.

We always want to be encouraging all your anonymous website visitors to initiate that first connection.

Aside from that, since your site may not be able to cover all the information that a person may need, your contact form can become a means of finding out more about you and your church.

5. Affordable Prices

We recognise that affordability is a key consideration for church plants. Most start with little to no budget.

Getting a web designer to build a site from scratch for you can cost your thousands. Money that could be put to better use in your early years. The alternative of building and maintaining a website yourself may seem appealing, as it can cost less up front, but it will take a lot more of your precious time away from reach out.

With Church Site Builder your costs include, support for any issues your website has, full maintenance of your site (ensuring it doesn’t have security issues) as well as great designs and new features as they roll out.

Our single page designs are only £99. After that we charge £30 per month to host, maintain and support your website. It’s even cheaper if paid annually. You can cancel anytime and if you later need to upgrade your website to a multipage design we’ll assist you in that process so your website can grow with you.

Explore our single page designs here.

If you are a church plant that will struggle to afford a website please get in touch to see what else we can do. We want to see your church plant thrive!