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What is Church Website Hosting?

Website hosting is one of the least glamorous parts of building a new website for your church.

However, much like the foundations of a house, whilst most people should remain ignorant of its existence, if you get it wrong it will cost you later!

At its simplest, website hosting is simply the computer where your website files will live. Whenever you enter the website address your browser has to fetch the files from that computer to show them on your screen. In theory you can host your website on a computer you own, but unless you are really confident and technically minded that should be avoided. There are many different providers that will make the process much simpler and cheaper.

As you shop around there are some important things to consider.

Hosting checklist

Church Website Hosting Checklist

If you are looking to build your own website for your church then there are few things to consider when finding somewhere to host your website. I’ve listed some of the considerations below.

1. Managed Platform

If you are using a Content Management System for your website, such as WordPress, then make sure the hosting platform supports it well.

Most CMS’s will require regular updates to avoid becoming broken or insecure. Keeping on top of all these updates on a regular basis is something most churches don’t want to think about. When resources are scarce this can be a waste of time.

Thankfully many hosting providers provide something called a managed platform, where they will ensure your CMS is regularly updated. You only need to turn this on and you needn’t worry about your site getting horrendously out of date and broken over time.

Picking a managed platform is a great time saver.

Outside of platforms like WordPress, most other website builder platforms are handling this for you without any input. For example Squarespace or Wix. This is included in your monthly/annual fees and they barely even mention it to customers.

Whatever you do – don’t end up having to manually update your site yourself.

2. Security

In our world of scams and hackers, security online is so important. Ensuring your church website cannot be easily hacked or leak personal data is part of your responsibility as an organisation. All websites should use secure channels for communication and have a security certificate that shows users you can be trusted.

Good hosting providers will handle this for you, giving you a SSL certificate with your website as well as handling any security patches to the software running your website.

Staying ahead of the hackers is a full time job in many cases, so why not leave it to the professionals.
As an added bonus, sites with good security are also shown preferential treatment by search engines, like Google.

3. Performance

The basic job of website hosting is to give the files for your website as fast as possible to the end user. Whilst the builder of a website needs to consider the impact of large photographs or videos, none of this matters if your hosting provider is slow.

Websites that take more than a second to show will cause a majority of users to click away in frustrations. We expect things to be fast today.

Amazingly many hosting providers can provide a file from across the world in milliseconds. They use advanced caching techniques as well as the latest hardware technology to improve your website speed.

Look for a hosting provider which handles these technical details for you.

4. Sustainability

Running computer servers 24 hours a day costs electricity and generates a lot of heat. When selecting a hosting platform it is worth considering their green credentials.

Does the platform use renewable energy to run its servers or is it using fossil fuels? Does their drive for performance also look to reduce energy usage?

Whilst these may seem like small considerations, taking good care of our planet is a great thing to do as well as a biblical mandate.

Thankfully there are hosting providers that recognise this.

5. Support

With a great hosting provider, you shouldn’t have any issues. However, we are talking about technology here and if anything does go wrong it’s essential you can communicate with a person who can solve your problems day or night.

The last thing you want is your website to go down just before a major event at your church.

A great hosting provider is available and knowledgeable should anything go wrong.

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Our Recommendation

There are a number of great hosting platforms available today and they all offer competitive pricing. Today we want to give you our personal recommendation and the platform we use for all our Church Site Builder websites.

We use SiteGround. They tick all the boxes for us and have consistently given us great support. They are rated highly as a Green hosting provider, provide a generous package of features for Managed WordPress sites and also provide mailboxes at no additional cost.
If you are looking for hosting for your church wordpress site I would highly recommend SiteGround.

You can find out more here – (We do get a small commission if you sign up with this link).

If you would prefer to have someone else handle your hosting as well as build your website then why don’t you check out our features here at Church Site Builder. We make church websites easy.